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Centre for Education and Documentation (CED), Bangalore

Project: CED's Habitat Centre

CED's mission is to be an information organisation on social and development issues, and make available to NGOs and other organisations and individuals in civil society, information and analysis on all emerging and latent issues, which affect the interest of the marginalised.

The Habitat Centre is the platform for information dissemination to the local organizations and people on any Habitat related issues. This is very important in cases of disasters like Tsunami, where the major reconstruction and re-organising is done without involving the local community.

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Dharani Trust

Dharani Trust, Bangalore

Project: Dharani Trust E-Communities of Practice

Created an online community for Documentation and Dissemination phase of the 2nd International Conference on Sexualities, Masculinities, and Cultures in South Asia (2004) conducted by The Dharani Trust in June 2004 in Bangalore.

The work involved creating web space for solicitation of feedback and conference presentation materials from delegates. Setting up e-communities on topics stemming from the conference and disseminating parts of the conference.

Implemented a post conference community for discussion forums where registered participants can take part in active discussions about sexualities, masculinities and cultures in South Asia

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Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Bangalore

Project: Directorate of Municipal Administration SJSRY Monitoring and Reporting system

DMA is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of poverty alleviation schemes like SJSRY in Urban Local Bodies (ULB's)in the State of Karnataka.

The quantum of funds that DMA provisions for the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Karnataka under the SJSRYscheme has been over Rs 100 Crores in the last three years.Monitoring the allocation and utilization of these funds is a critical responsibility of the DMA. Reporting by the ULBs has been efficient but has been limited to a paper and pen format and report submission was through traditional mail.

An Information Management System (MIS) was essential for DMA if it wanted up-to-date information on ULB's activities. A MIS system was conceptualized and implemented by the DMA team for all its 217 Urban Local Bodies that come under SJSRY scheme, using the PANTOTO Communities Software.

The data collected through the Pantoto MIS helped DMA to :
  1. Create proactive interventions for ULB's that are under-utilizing funds under the scheme.
  2. Send timely reports to the Central and State Government.
  3. Provide reports to the DMA which will help in planning activities.
  4. Monitor the funds that are being allocated and spent for the SJSRY scheme.
  5. Monitor the number and type of beneficiaries that are covered under SJSRY


Fireflies, Bangalore

Project: Human Responsibilities

Fireflies Ashram is part of Pipal Tree, a registered non-profit trust,and closely connected with an international movement called 'The Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World'. It is also a founder member of the Tokyo-based Global Forum for Cultures and Development (ECUDEV). As a living and learning community, Fireflies is a vital and integral part of the Global Eco-village Network (GEN).

For Fireflies we created a charter for human responsibilities to promote and deepen the vision and practices of Human Responsibilities in India and South Asia through and provided an interactive website for Human responsibilities, including necessary access levels groups.

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The Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development, Delhi
Project: The Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD) community

The Indo-Dutch Programme on Alternatives in Development (IDPAD) promotes social science research that is of relevance to development inIndia. With an intention to increase relevance and utilization of research the programme stimulates interaction between researchers and users of research, including policy makers from the governmentand the NGO sector.

The Pantoto based community created for IDPAD captures information related to scientists, projects, and organizations involved in the social science research. The content has been interlinked to create depth of content.


Indicorps, Ahmedabad
Project: Indicorps Extranet

Indicorps is a non-partisan, non-religious, non-profit organization registered in the USA that encourages Indians around the world to actively participate in India's progress.

Pantoto was used to develop an extranet for Indicorps volunteers to connect with each other. Through this intranet Indicorps volunteers could submit their project, visit or staff reports, enter their plans and to-do items etc.


Petroleum Conservation and Research Association, Delhi
Project: ESCO PCRA Conference Community

Petroleum Conservation and Research Association's mission is efficient energy utilization and environment protection leading to Improvement in Quality of Life. PCRA aims to become a center of excellence for conservation of hydrocarbons environment protection for sustainable development.

The conference community was created for PCRA based on Pantoto. It is much more than a website, it is a dynamic community portal for knowledge management and networking. The conference community provided an interactive portal.The conference community is sustaining its communications and knowledge sharing beyond the conference with the active involvement and interaction of the Efficient energy experts.


Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) , Chennai

Project: SAATHII's Online Resource Center

SAATHII strengthens and expands HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services throughout India.

SAATHII's Online Resource Center aims to serve as a clearing house of information relating to HIV/AIDS in India. The four main componentsof the ORC are its E-library of resource materials including documents and links, E-forums for information exchange, knowledge and best-practice sharing, E-training of individuals working on HIV/AIDS through online instruction and evaluation, and E-support for capacity-building of our NGO partners. Also are included databases of HIV/AIDS jobs, conferences, training, funding and volunteer opportunities, and a newsletter compiling media coverage on the epidemic in India.

Here is the media coverage on SAATHII and Janastu.

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Shramik, Belgaum

Project: Shramik

Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh (SAS), popularly known under one of its units Jana Jagaran,is a social action wing of the Goa Jesuits. Fr. Joseph Chenakala S.J., is its chief executive. SAS activities are concentrated in Belgaum and other districts of north Karnataka and Kolhapur district of Maharastra.
SAS is an experiment at the grass root for transforming unjust structures of society. It aims at building harmonious communitiesof diverse peoples, religions, languages and cultures with access to basic necessities of life in a clean and healthy environment.

For Shramik we created a plaform where its work and products can be showcased. One can find here the various developmental projects and training taken up by SAS for the triabal people, share the experiences of the tribal women involved in SAS activities and the beautiful wool products and their catalogue.

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Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Limited

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Limited , Hyderabad
Project: Building Energy Performance Index ( BEPI) Survey

Shri Shakti Alternative Energy Limited (SSAEL) is an expert in offering energy saving products and services to the industrial, commercial and domestic customers. SSAEL also specializes in renewable energy systems such as solar UPS, solar power plants for remote village electrification.

Pantoto was used for the BEPI survey to captures information to calculate a Building's Energy performance. The data collected through the site will be used by SSAEL to develop a Building Energy Performance Index(BEPI) for India.

Link to the project:

Tsunami Knowledge Centre

Tsunami Knowledge Centre, Bangalore
Project: Tsunami Rehabilitation Knowledge Center

Pantoto is currently being used for creating a Tsunami Information center.The Tsunami Rehabilitation Knowledge Center will be the central repository of information for the Regional Resource Centers, and for all NGOs who are participating in tsunami reconstruction and development.

It is an interactive platform, serving as both a library for data and aforum for communication and collaborative effort. It is a virtual hub for the collection and sharing of knowledge, dissemination of best practices, and development of consensus.

We want to thank you The Golden Chain Fraternity ( for their valuable support in this project.

Link to the project:

X-Ongoing Projects
Pan Asia ICT R&D Grant
Project : GIS/Mapping solution for the Tsunami Information Resource Center

The Pan Asia R & D Grants Programme was established by Canada's International Development Research Center IDRC in 1997 to support research projects that offer innovative approaches to Internet networking in developing countries of Asia.

Janastu, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing Open Source information solutions for community development, was awarded the PAN Asia ICT R&D grant for March 2005. Janastu is using Pantoto for integrating GIS/Mapping solution system in the Tsunami Knowledge Center portal. The project aims to:

  1. Create an Open Source GIS/Mapping solution into the existing Indian Tsunami Knowledge Center.
  2. Interface with the agencies collecting tsunami data, teaching them how to collect GIS data, how to enter their data into the system, and how to use the system to visualize the data that has been collected.
  3. Release the Open Source GIS/Mapping solution as independent software that can be used by any organization to GIS-enable their data.
Current Status: To be able to use the ICT grant money Janastu has to seek registration with the Central Government under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 for the acceptance of foreign contribution.

Janastu submitted the FCRA papers on June 23rd 2005 to the Office of Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore District which would give a certificate recommending Janastu to receive the FCRA registration number. The certificate was given to Janastu on Nov 20th 2005.

The FCRA papers were sent to New Delhi on Nov 21st 2005, and on Dec 12th 2005 Ministry of home affairs asked Janastu to apply for Prior Permission, which will give a one time permission to Janastu to use the foreign contribution.

Janastu will be sending on the FC-1A prior permission papers as soon as the offical letter from Delhi arrives.

Meanwhile, inspite of Janastu not being able to use the grant money,? the project is going ahead. We have a GIS personnel travelling in the Tsunami affected areas meeting the volunteers and organizations and collecting their data. Our developers are working on displaying the who is doing what where on the Indian Map.

Link to the project proposal:

Indian Council For Promotion Of Energy Efficiency Business, Hyderabad
Project: Knowledge Portal for Energy Efficiency Business

Indian Council For Promotion Of Energy Efficiency Business (ICPEEB) is a non governmental, not-for-profit association of energy efficiency professionals. ICPEEB aims to link business purpose with a larger national purpose of enhancing energy security through energy conservation.

The Knowledge Portal for Energy Efficiency Business (KPEEB) is designed to build and manage Efficient Energy knowledge through Participatory Approach rather than the commonly used Top-Down Approach.

Link to the project:

Project Home, Bangalore
Project: Home On Mother Earth

H.O.M.E. was created by individuals who were involved in various social projects and who felt pulling their resources together would help create and manage their interests better.
A community has been designed for Project Home to showcase their activities and interests.

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