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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2006-09-26 06:20:43
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Shramik, Belgaum

Project: Shramik

Shramik Abhivrudhi Sangh (SAS), popularly known under one of its units Jana Jagaran,is a social action wing of the Goa Jesuits. Fr. Joseph Chenakala S.J., is its chief executive. SAS activities are concentrated in Belgaum and other districts of north Karnataka and Kolhapur district of Maharastra.
SAS is an experiment at the grass root for transforming unjust structures of society. It aims at building harmonious communitiesof diverse peoples, religions, languages and cultures with access to basic necessities of life in a clean and healthy environment.

For Shramik we created a plaform where its work and products can be showcased. One can find here the various developmental projects and training taken up by SAS for the triabal people, share the experiences of the tribal women involved in SAS activities and the beautiful wool products and their catalogue.

Link to the Project: