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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2005-09-29 23:12:56
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Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA), Bangalore

Project: Directorate of Municipal Administration SJSRY Monitoring and Reporting system

DMA is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of poverty alleviation schemes like SJSRY in Urban Local Bodies (ULB's)in the State of Karnataka.

The quantum of funds that DMA provisions for the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Karnataka under the SJSRYscheme has been over Rs 100 Crores in the last three years.Monitoring the allocation and utilization of these funds is a critical responsibility of the DMA. Reporting by the ULBs has been efficient but has been limited to a paper and pen format and report submission was through traditional mail.

An Information Management System (MIS) was essential for DMA if it wanted up-to-date information on ULB's activities. A MIS system was conceptualized and implemented by the DMA team for all its 217 Urban Local Bodies that come under SJSRY scheme, using the PANTOTO Communities Software.

The data collected through the Pantoto MIS helped DMA to :
  1. Create proactive interventions for ULB's that are under-utilizing funds under the scheme.
  2. Send timely reports to the Central and State Government.
  3. Provide reports to the DMA which will help in planning activities.
  4. Monitor the funds that are being allocated and spent for the SJSRY scheme.
  5. Monitor the number and type of beneficiaries that are covered under SJSRY