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Technology Involved
Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2004-08-18 00:08:01
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PANTOTO uses Web-technology -- software runs on a server and people can access it through a Web-browser. PANTOTO is installed on a server in an organization, or on an Internet host, and people use only a Web-browser to architect the needs of a community of interest. Typical community needs include provisioning for delegation of roles, collaboration, and creating the space and forms for disseminating and gathering information.

Technology chosen for development of PANTOTO is based on two criteria:

(i) It could be made available with low or free licensing costs, and
(ii) Most software developers in India can develop it. It is developed using Java, and open source Apache License software (E.g., WebMacro and Lucene). It is developed on open source platforms (Linux, MySQL and?Tomcat). Java helps bring about object-oriented concepts in the software, therefore easier software maintenance. These are significant factors in an Indian environment, where attracting and retaining developers for the social development sector is difficult. Servlet specification standards help in easy installation of server on various platforms which includes both Linux and Windows. The browser interface enables people to interact with PANTOTO using either IE or Mozilla browsers. For interoperability needs, import and export of data is possible through spreadsheet formats, SQL, CSV or XML.

The PANTOTO model captures the typical needs of an Internet community and makes it available to an existing community (e.g. organizations, enterprises or school environments) or an upcoming Internet community. The model captures the spirit of the Open Directory Project (, the Yahoo classifieds and Craigs-list, various online communities, online survey needs and enterprise intranets.

More formally, PANTOTO can be likened to a structure-encouraging Wiki, or a generic-blogger that allows organization of arbitrary meta-structure with roles and security levels. It is an evolutionary model that encourages participation

1. to create a closed world semantic web

2. by sharing of meta-information between (sub) communities, while naturally creating ontologies

3. in building simple Web applications,

4. in community communication and by facilitating rudimentary workflow, and

5. in a individual/sub-community Web presence

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