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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2004-07-28 11:35:03
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PANTOTO model is especially useful in sectors such as social development, schools, and small and medium size organizations:

  • These organizations work directly with beneficiaries, capture, create and work intensively with data, information and knowledge.
  • Dependency on technical professionals to build information management systems causes delays. The cost of hiring such professionals and related resources also makes the effort unsustainable.
  • Equitability can arise when organizations can create, maintain and deal with information management systems by themselves.

Based on these factors, if IT is to be used, these organizations have to be empowered to:

  • Take the design, implementation and maintenance of an information management system for granted and not necessarily have to acquire IT skills or hire IT professionals.
  • Redesign or evolve the system based on changing information needs
  • Build solutions that are easy-to-use, affordable and quick to deploy
  • Use the same process across projects and in different areas
  • Manage the participatory creation of locally relevant and locally created content
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