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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2006-05-31 02:45:30
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Servelots team and Pantoto were active participants in the recently concluded event. The event was from Nov 29th to Dec 2nd 2005.

Our team not only learned about the latest happenings in the FOSS community but also shared their work in the following presentations :
  1. GIS to store, anlayse and visualize Geodata - by Raj
  2. Indic Tools for Community Knowledge Bases - by Raghavan
  3. A Javascript Indic Input Method Editor - by Surekha

Thanks to Aventail - a provider of SSL and VPN products, who sponsored the stall space for Pantoto communities demo. Because of their support, Pantoto communities like SAATHII, Tsunami Knowledge Center, Toto, PCRA and Shramik were demonstrated every day to the interested FOSS participants.

Our stall got a good response, where along with showing the demo we distributed Pantoto flyers. Servelots team members also had stickers stuck on their backs, which declared - Turn me around for a Pantoto Demo!

On Dec 2nd afternoon, Servelots along with Mahiti and Sarai called for a Birds of a Feather (BoaF) meet on IT for NGOs. That was one BoaF! In spite of some flying tempers we had a very responsive audience and we came out with a couple of action items. The minutes of the BoaF is still to be edited. Contact us if interested!

Overall the was very eventful - awesome speakers, great presentations, cool technologies and not-so-good food. Wish we did not have so much plastic/thermocol at the event.