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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2006-06-01 05:51:22
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Description: Pantoto Release Notes --- May 2006

Pantoto version 2.0 Release Candidate 1 (RC1) contains some new features and enhancements in some functional areas more importantly, in v2.0 RC1 Pantoto has undergone significant design and technical enhancements.

These release note contains Whats New, Download Instructions, Known Issues,and Frequently Asked Questions. These notes will be updated when we get feedback on this RC, and once no major issues are reported there will be Pantoto v2.0 release.

Whats New
1. HTML Editor
The new HTML editor ( TinyMCE ) is user friendly in adding and editing content for web publishing.

2. CAPTCHA for Registration process and posting of guest pagelets
A CAPTCHA is a program that can generate and grade tests that most humans can pass, but current computer programs can't pass. This feature has been integrated with the Registration screen and when guest user post information to make sure that only "real" people are posting information.

3. Customizable interface/skin
A new skin , named bluez , has been added, which offers a flexible way to move around your top bar image, menu options and to change the colors of your site.

4. Enhanced RSS Feeds
A user friendly interface is provided to configure the RSS feeds.

5. Easy to create the HTML forms for your site
The process of creating the HTML forms is known as One click form. Creating one-click form has become pretty easy and has the feature of selecting or deselecting the required fields for the one click form.

6. Expand and collapse structure
Now one can see all the categories, locations, related pagelets, etc in an expand and collapse tree format.

7. Duplicate is called Duplicate!
Earlier to create a copy or a duplicate pagelet, we use to use the action (and terminology) "Post Similar", now we have reduced the confusion! To create a copy/duplicate, one has to perform the Duplicate

8. Pagelet property can be changed from My Space
Now one can change the default properties of a Pagelet from My Space.

Download Pantoto 2.0 RC1
To download and install Pantoto 2.0 RC1, follow the given links



Known Issues
1) Discussion Forum functionality is yet to be provisioned
2) Events Calendar functionality is yet to be provisioned
3) Photo Album functionality is yet to be provisioned.
4) Toto -83
5) Toto-251
6) RSS Feed
a) While editing the RSS Feed Configuration, there is no option to select different set of categories of interests or to select more number of categories of interests.
b) Currently only one external feed can be configured.

And there are still many issues to resolve, which will be resolved in next release.

Q1)How do I download the new Pantoto (2.0 RC1)?
A) Read the download instructions given above!

Q)What are the Software/Hardware requirements for installing and running
Pantoto 2.0 RC1?
A)Software requirements : JDK1.4, Mysql 4, Ant, Rapid SVN (for Windows), Jikes
? ? Hardware : RAM 128 MB, Disk space 100 MB, Pentium III processor or latest.

Q) Where is the source code?
A) Source code is available at

Q)Is Pantoto 2.0 RC1 free? If yes, can I use it and customize it?
A) Yes! Yes!

Q)What license does Pantoto 2.0 RC1 use?
A) APL2.0, which is compatible with GPL.

Q)Is there a Help Manual for Pantoto 2.0 RC1?
A) Yes! The Help available in the form of pagelets and also in the pdf format. A user can just click on Help Menu Option to view the pdf format.

Q)How can I help?
A) Write to us at

Q)What are the design and technical enhancements in version 2.0 RC1?
A) We are using Hibernate for persistent mechanism, Jakarta-i18n library for internationalization of error and messages and CSS for new skin. Also the old codebase has been picked, preened and spruced up to implement the Object Oriented methodology fully and some design patterns.

Q)Why the new HTML Editor ?
A) Pantoto v2.0 uses TinyMCE instead of Htmlarea, which is a rich-text editor. Since the development with Htmlarea is not active anymore, bugs related to Htmlarea were not resolved. So we switched to TinyMCE which is another Rich text editor and is active. Tiny-MCE is very light weight and easy to integrate and lot more features than HTML area . It has multiple browser support like Mozilla, MS-IE, Firefox, opera & safari.

Q)Which feature in Pantoto v2.0 use TinyMCE?
A) a. Edit Category
b. Create pagelet
c. Adding remarks

Q)What is CAPTCHA ?
A) A CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turning test to cell Computers and Humans Apart) is a program that can generate and grade tests that most humans can pass, but current computer programs can't pass. It is used to prevent software program (robot) from using various types of computing services.

Q)Why is CAPTCHA needed in Pantoto v2.0?
A) CAPTCHA is needed in
a. Registration Form : To prevent automated registration in Pantoto based communities. This can be achieved by populating the registration form and submitting it many times by a spamming program.
b. Guest pagelet: To prevent automated posting of pagelet by non registered users(guest).

Q)Why a new skin?
A)The existing skins in Pantoto- Corporate, Classic, Website - were not customizable by a user in terms of layout and style. A CSS based skin, whose styles and layouts can be overridden by the user in terms of hierarchy was needed to achieve this.

Q)What is the new Skin?
A)The new skin, Bluez, has a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) cased approach because of which customizable options comes in to picture, so now any community can design the look and feel of there site, pretty easily. It
is also a prototype skin based on which other skins can be developed.

Q)Whats enhanced about RSS Feed in Pantoto v2.0?
A) A new user interface is provided for an Admin of a domain to configure t he RSS feeds for their domain. Additionally, RSS feeds are now generated using the Rome API, which generates the feed files according to the RSS 2.0 specification. And the reader for the RSS Feeds is a Ajax Javascript RSSReader instead of a servlet call which makes the request process faster. There are some know issues (details in Known Issues) with RSS feeds in v2.0.

For more information write to us at :