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Press Release: Latest Public Release on Sourceforge
Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2004-12-28 22:24:05
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Available on Source Forge
The PANTOTO Communities software is being made available on Source Forge The software is available under both GPL and Apache Licenses. Please join the effort.

We made our second public release of the software. Features that allows sorting of serach results, sending notifications for remarks and other enhancements that will make the software more user friendly.

Work has commenced on provisioning localization of the PANTOTO Communities software. This is being done using the software that has been developed by the Indic-Sarai fellows. Sarai has been supporting the development of tools that can be used for Indic Language needs of a web application.

To see their work please visit

They also encourage developers/organizations and other working in the area of Indic/localization to participate in the Indicart community.


What is the PANTOTO?

  • PANTOTO is a platform independent, web-enabled software product that allows end-users to configure information management systems, online communities, and extranets.
  • It is targeted at SMEs, not-for-profit organizations and government organizations by being a software that aims to reduce the dependency on the software developer.
  • Developed in Java, PANTOTO uses a MySQL database and a Tomcat/Resin web-server. The user interface has been developed using the WebMacro template engine.
  • To know more about the PANTOTO Communities project please visit

Who is developing PANTOTO?

  • Development of the PANTOTO Communities project is being driven by Servelots Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
  • Servelots is a Bangalore based IT company and its sole agenda is to develop, enhance and service the PANTOTO software.
  • With a current team strength of ten, the team is expanding, also into other cities, to meet a growing set of customization needs of clients.
  • PANTOTO is a free/open source software on, and the developer circle extends beyond the team at Servelots.

What is the profile of PANTOTO users?

Mostly from the NGO and SME sector. PANTOTO adopters are typically functional experts who are not computer savvy, but are able to put together simple web-based applications for information and community management for their needs.

Calling for Participation

  • We are currently seeking software developers who have worked with Open Source and in an Open Source Environment.
  • We also invite particpation from individuals who have experience in information management/documentation/networking with an interest in the social development sector.

Working with us in this project requires an understanding of the significance of your contribution to the NGO sector. We are today in an environment where IT resources are inaccessible to the NGO and SME sectors. Visit for more information.

PANTOTO Communities - Communities Managing Community Knowledge

3354 KR Road,
Bangalore 560070

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