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Arun Seshadri
Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2006-05-25 10:08:23
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I was born and brought up in Bangalore. I completed my Education in Bangalore. I did my graduation with majors in Computer Science.

Brought up from a orthodox Brahmin family learnt Vedas in my early days. I am also very much inclined to spirituality. I practice 'Reiki' everyday and have interest in Meditation, Occult Sciences and other spiritually related stuff. For more information about these stuff you can visit also have a keen interest in Astrology and in knowing how it affects every person in his day to day life. Probably one day I would like to write a book on these subjects.

Generally speaking I am a very shy and reserved sort of guy, but once I make friends I don't have any problems in communicating with them. In my school days I was a philatelist collecting stamps (got influenced from my brother). I very recently got to know that I have a great passion in photography. I should say that I got good acclamations from my 'Servelots' team members that I am a good photographer. I would be the official photographer whenever 'Team Servelots' goes for a trip. If you are interested in viewing my favourite photo clips please visit

I dreamt of getting into Medical Sciences as i was very much interested in learning the human architecture rather learning the computer architecture. As the adage goes 'Man proposes, God disposes', I landed up in Computer Science. However, I don't have any regrets in learning about Computers. I like more of home food than hotel stuff. My favorite is curd rice and pickle without that I don't get sleep :)

I have a great passion for sports be it Cricket, Tennis, Formula 1 or Football. My favorite Football club is Manchester United and my favorite player is Thiery Henry. I am also a great fan of 'Debian' a kernel built on Linux OS because of its package structure. I also have keen interests in getting to know more about networking and OS configuration like how routers work, how to configure them, about the DNS servers etc.. (Thanks to our system administrator). I refer to for more information on routers, DNS servers etc...

I joined Servelots in September 2004. Since then, I am working with the development team of Pantoto. I am enjoying my work here in Servelots. I have worked with many clients like 'Dharani Trust', 'Saathii', and 'CED'. The very interesting part is that I got an opportunity to interact with the clients like 'Dharani', get to know what they want and then implementing the same. I also had my part in building communities with my team members. I would say I learnt a lot of the technical aspects when the entire Pantoto code was revamped and Re-Engineered. I really feel very happy to be a part of the team in releasing the new Pantoto code base. The best Part in Servelots which I will not forget in my life-time is about having Lunch at Servelots and playing cricket with team members. All the team members get their food and share with each other. I don't know whether I would get a team like this when I go out of Servelots.

I would also like to mention about our cute dogs at Servelots: Prati and Neelkant.

'Happy working at Servelots' :)

Team Servelots