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Posted by: Totomaster
Updated: 2004-12-29 04:24:04
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A Paint appreciation party ....

Held on Dec 6th 2003. The event started on the evening of 5th December and ended on the morning ofl the 7th December.
We had an open house to make a permanent exhibit of art work on our office walls, inside or outside. The walls of Servelots and Janastu were colorfully painted by Artists, experimenters, community space creators! One corner was painted by talented school kids.

The suggested theme was colorscapes; mandalas, yantras, Escher and fusion. Huge ones or tiny ones..



Folk art, Tibetan/Christian mandalas, Yantras, Islamic Calligraphy

Escher, Mondrian
Figure 6 of

Location of Servelots and Janastu:
Bangalore South,
(South of Tata Silk Farm; West of Yadiyur bus stops)
3354, K R Road
Tel: 26762963/26761019

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