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Pantoto Installation April 2005
Posted by: Diffusion
Updated: 2005-09-30 02:34:21
Category: PANTOTO > Downloads
Pantoto Communities is dependent on Mysql 3.23 (*)

Please down load mysql for windows from:

Navigate to the "software downloads by platform" and download
the approriate version for your platform.
For exmaple:
the recent 3.23 version for Windows can be downloaded by clicking on:

JSDK can be downloaded from by visiting: and following Java Software Download.
For example, click on link: (**)

We suggest that Tomcat 4.x be used in case that tomcat is installed
only for using Pantoto (***). Tomcat 4 archives can be found at

By navigating to the recent tomcat version there (4.1.31), and then to the bin folder, you may download either the .exe (for windows) or .tar.gz (for unix/linux).
For example, windows the windows tomcat 4.1.31 file is:

(*) newer mysql versions use newer drivers. These newer jdbc drivers
have new restrictions on executeQuery calls. Pantoto will be fixed
soon to work with newer versions of mysql

(**) You may install the most recent stable version of Java JSDK, which is the
default when you follow the instructions. Default installation of Tomcat requires that you have JSDK install and not just Java runtime.

(***) We do not see major problems for Pantoto installation with Tomcat 5,
but we have not tested it on versions 5 and above. Also the installation
instructions need to be adapted.

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