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Anand Bala

A graduate in Tourism Studies, Anand has been working with Technology for over four years now. His long term interests are in creating a network of organizations that can influence policy making in the area of ICTs.

Anand assists the PANTOTO team in building community structures and management information systems.

Ashok Kumar Singh

Ashok graduated from Bangalore University with a degree in Electronics Engineering. He spent five years in an Indo-Soviet Project in West Bengal in the late eighties being in charge of all the Communication & Electronification programmes.

He then came back to his native Bangalore to be involved in his family business. His main aim is to E_educate anyone who otherwise would have remained computer Illiterate.

Geetha Badami

I am born and brought up in this city "Bangalore". And I love Bangalore. I did my graduation B.Sc in Computer Science from National College, Jayanagar.

Was eager to work so joined a Silk Exports Company It was a very good experience, learnt lot of new things.Got to know how different life is when you get responsible compared to the carefree student life.

After working for an year or so, I planned do my post graduation. So got into IGNOU to do Masters in Computer Application. At the same time entered a new world...World of NGOs! Started working for Public Affairs Centre (PAC) for a project called "Children's Movement for Civic Awareness(CMCA)" Working at PAC,with CMCA changed my personality itself. It was great working with CMCA and whole lot of children to make Bangalore a better place to live in!

Then I completed my MCA, wanting to get the feel of much talked about IT industry. Met an interesting person on a trek - "Dr. T.B. Dinesh" and got to know about Servelots. So got in touch with him and joined Servelots on March 8th 2004. Was very comfortable since Servelots was also catering to NGOs and SMEs. It was a great learning experience at Servelots. Was exposed to lot of things... Development, Testing, Client Interaction, Training and Support to clients, Discussions on new features for PANTOTO and many more.

PANTOTO...has a whole lot of cool features and its so flexible. Dinesh's words and some readings at Servelots keeps ringing in my mind. Pantoto should break the end user's dependency on the developer. End user should be able to do a whole lot of things on his / her own with a little training. Way to go!

Currently am working at CTS, Bangalore . But can never forget my days at Servelots and company of the team at Servelots. It was real fun! Miss them all :(

My hobbies and interests lies in lot of adventure, sports, music, art.... Have been on some treks(not major ones though) to Brahmagiri, Kudremukh, Chunchi Falls, Kunti Betta, Huliyurdurga, Savandurga..... Have done some stain glass paintings, solo wood work, charcoal painting ..... Love playing cricket, throwball, volley ball, shuttle.... Like listening to music...which gives me company most of the time when i am travelling, work at home ....

Want to do many more parasailing, river rafting, pottery, more treks(to himalayas some day) and the list goes on..

Ignatius Kuriakose

Ignatius Kuriakose a graduate in Commerce and H.R., from Loyola, Chennai. Having joined Servelots in January 2004, is working as a software programmer. Currently, he is contributing to the PANTOTO framework in the domain of community building and initialization, simplifying the user experience and integrating new functionality based on client needs.

Jaya Kumari Singh

Jaya is the member of development team implementing new features for the software. She is an engineering graduate working at servelots for over a year.

Leena Madala

Leena a B.Tech, Computer Science, from J.N.T.U, Hyderabad. She joined Servelots Infotech Private Limited on 8th of September, 2003 as a software engineer. Her responsibilities are designing user interface and implementing features of PANTOTO.

Mahesh Bagalkot

Mahesh a Development Team Member, aim is to add new features to PANTOTO that makes it more user friendly and efficient. A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science joined Servelots Family in July 2003.

Murali Kumar

Muralikumar is responsible for Quality Assurance and Testing. His hard target, are the bugs & hunts them with his testing abilities. A Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science, Muralikumar has been with the Servelots team for more than year.

Pramod Mundhra

Pramod a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangalore University worked as a project trainee at Divine India inc. for about 2 months from June 2002 to August 2002.

He joined Servelots Infotech Private Limited on the 17th of August, 2002 as a software engineer. Ever since then he has been able to contribute in various ways to make the user experience on PANTOTO simpler. He has worked on PANTOTO from various perspectives that include community building, user-interface designing, manufacturing and re-engineering its core components and brain-storming on its forth-coming architecture. He understands PANTOTO to be 'in the scope of toto'. Looking at PANTOTO from a broader perspective, he believes PANTOTO to be a framework. A framework, that may provide to be a customized solution space for various types of information needs.

Rajendra Wankhede

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Tech,Rajendra an Engineer is into hardware and networking field from last 8 years. He is the system / network Administrator at Servelots.


Ramesh, "The Man" of Servelots makes sure that everyone's comfortable at work and provides all the basic needs...water, tea etc.

Srinivas K

A Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Tech, Srinivas volunteers his time with Servelots as a system / network administrator.

Extended Team